Shot remotely with Gavin Prest

Despite the easing a little in restrictions and a gradual return to normal shooting if that can happen I will continue during and after the pandemic to be available for remote shoots both indoors and starting to experiment outdoors in the coming weeks when it is safe.

So before embarking on this I have spent a lot of time finding out what works reliably and safely, both controlling the camera and controlling the desktop. This is especially important as I want to be able to use my apartment and mini loft studio freely rather than a plain background, and mimic as closely as possible a normal shoot with me, allowing everyone to shoot in their own style and not make do..The image on the left was shot very gratefully with Gavin Prest as we have not worked together previously and he has such a distinct style and strong concept, we wanted to make sure that could be continued remotely, and it was an enjoyable and successful experience for both.


The loft is a great way to mimic and urbex room and set up without leaving the house. It is a different way of working and it is unrealistic to expect the same productivity in the number of images, but it does focus you into composing the image properly with attention to detail sometimes lost, and focus you into having a strong concept or story. As the images drop into editing software it is also very easy for the photographer for see the image quickly and even adjust basic things during the shoot to understand that they have the image they want and it's sharp.

In order to keep my work pattern in place  I'll be available 4 days a week including weekends and I'm happy to shoot early mornings or evenings as the light is beautiful in the apartment then and not so fierce. If working in the loft there is no natural light but I have access to lamps and an led photography light which is sufficient in the small space.

Camera wise I have a Canon 5dII with two Sigma lenses, a 35mm 1.4 Art, and an 85mm 1.4. If the project is popular I will add a fast 50mm too.And a  Manfrotto 190 go tripod which is ultra flexible.. The apartment living room and window is South facing, so has excellent light all day, and the apartment is light and bright throughout. I also have  easy to use led wand and light stand.

I'm using Canon Eos Utility to tether to as it's simple and easy to use and works well with most editing software directly. Before shooting I would recommend  watching this brief  You tube video from Canon which explains it and demonstrates it well. I've tried several remote desktop controls but Zoom has proven the easiest and most reliable, especially with tiling the windows and communication. This will be tested prior to the first shoot.

When working together like this for the first time I will include a free set up and test shot taking around 10-15 mins before the shoot, so that when we shoot you are confident and understand the software etc. That way we also know that everything works fine.I can also show you the location via video call so you are aware of the shoot surroundings. This won't be needed with subsequent shoots.. I'm also allowing set up time prior to your shoot time so the process doesn't eat into your shoot time. I'm happy to spend time discussing concept and lighting beforehand as any normal shoot.

If a shoot fails in the first half hour technically or due to Internet connection I'm happy to stop the shoot and are arrange again at a mutually agreed time without charge. After that the closest full hour will become due providing we managed to get useable images. But in this situation common sense has to prevail with each individual situation. And I've never been a clock watcher! All my other shoot terms apply on my standard rates and terms including cancellations, so please take a look and make sure you're happy before booking.


My rates are 30 p/h 

I'm also going to arrange some remote studio days at home and themed days so watch this space!!!

Shot remotely with
Steve Trussler
Shot remotely with
Richard Parker

"I booked Helen for a 3-hour remote shoot from our home in France to her home in the UK. This was my first shoot with Helen, and I have to say that I had such awesome an time with her, I want to do it all over again.

Her pre-shoot communications were spot on, her knowledge and inexhaustible energy throughout the shoot was just awesome. She was very professional and yet she retained a friendliness that made the shoot extremely enjoyable. I am so pleased with the images that I have taken;

I really cannot wait until my next booking. Helen is a lovely lady, who I would highly and unconditionally recommend"


Mike Creativus Imago Photograph